The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation

The Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit organization of, by and for Correctional officers. It was created in 1984 and is devoted to sustaining, supporting and assisting the surviving families of Correctional Officers slain in the line of duty at the hands of incarcerated felons. The CPO Foundation strives to promote and project a positive image, both internally and to the general public, of the corrections profession and it’s practitioners.

The CPO Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service Under IRC 5011(c)(3), ID #68-003302. Please Contact William Chandlee, or Ginger Hodges for information on joining or assisting this great Organization. CPOF has been a key player in Victorville’s recent losses, to the surviving family members and officers in need. The Union sends a salute to Chandlee and Hodges for their efforts.

HR 613, Lt. Osvaldo Albarati, Correctional Officer Self-Protection Act of 2017

As of Oct 24, 2017 – Three new co-sponsors, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK3), Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC9), Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX34), have signed on for HR 613. The bill now has 47 Co-sponsors. Please continue to push for this bill and many other Law Enforcement Bills, that ill benefit the Bureau and our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Blue.

Fall Festival 2017, Beat Down

On October 27, 2017 – In another E-Board First, the Union provided more bang for the buck, by providing a Mechanical Bull, 23 ft. Slide, Laser Tag, and the Sounds of DJ Lechuga. Hot Pizza and cold sodas were served as well as Halloween Candy. Kenny Gatignol, Union benefits coordinator, even provided Starbucks Coffee. World’s gym, not only donated to the cause but was able to provide free limited membership, T-shirts, and other goodies at the booth they were posted in. George Dixon, AFGE Retiree coordinator also set up a booth. A Big Screen TV, was also set up with the World Series Baseball, was available for staff during the event.

Special thanks to CMS J. Phelps, and DJ Dimitri Lechgua for their time and effort in setting up festivities. Along with the regular attractions at the Fall Festival, wait times for the attractions were reduced from 90 minute wait times to 15 minutes. Next year’s plans to be even bigger, with over 500 guests were entertained this year. Accolades were well received on Facebook.

AFGE 3969 “Setting the Bar Higher, than Ever!”

Free Training, Union Members Only, and How you can get this too.

October 23, 2017 – Chief Union Stewart Gilbert Ruiz, Union Stewards Abel Magno, Michael Cuervo and Robert Fritz, completed Train the Trainer, for Shipping and Handling of Hazardous Materials, in Cincinnati Ohio, October 15-20, 2017. certified through the Dept of Transportation. Participants utilized Annual Leave to attend this event. No Union Local Funds or Official time was Utilized for this event.

    In keeping with our intended goals, and doing things no other previous E-Board had done. Through Federal Grants by the Dept of Transportation, National Institute of Environmental Health, the National AFGE, and International Unions. We have certified trainers under Dept of Transportation guidelines to provide Union members free training, to make them more viable in the workplace.

    Participants are eligible up to $189 dollars a day and up to $42 a day per diem, Union members wishing to also to attend this training on their own time must complete the following.

    1. Verify current Membership with Secretary-Treasurer J. Amezcua (via e-mail)
    2. Attend a 15 minute Hazmat Introduction class offered weekly Union Offices (e-mail A. Magno)

    Upcoming classes will be announced months in advance, for eligibility and flight confirmations if out of state. Local training areas will also be coordinated.

    “Knowledge is Power, and Empowering the Masses, create Change.”

Veterans Fishing Adventure, No Cost

October 13, 2017 – The Union is pleased to introduce the Anglers Anonymous Ventura Coast, a chapter of Anglers Anonymous Central Coast. They are a nonprofit fishing organization located on the Ventura Coast of California. They exist to share the passion of fishing with veterans who may not otherwise be able to engage in this amazing activity. You never know what treats the ocean will have in store for you. Sometimes you catch a Humpback Whale show or a Great White Shark sighting along with plenty of other amazing fish in between. They love to fish and we love to share this lifestyle with others who can benefit from the relaxation of the open waters. Imagine providing that peace of mind to Veterans at no cost to them. Join us in helping build a network of veterans helping other veterans.

Happy Retirement, Kim Chermock

October 12, 2017 – The Bureau of Prisons, says farewell to Kim Chermock, Safety Compliance Specialist. Enjoy a well earned retirement.

Professional Liability Insurance and You.

October 12, 2017 – Professional Liability Insurance and You, Staff are encouraged to obtain Liability Insurance especially staff that work in critical areas especially in the Special Housing Unit, R&D, and Visiting Room areas. Although the Union represents staff, this representation does not cover Criminal matters. Coverage begins on the day you initiate your policy, they do not cover events that happen prior to purchasing coverage. Consider the cost of liability insurance of $350 – $400 a year with a coverage of two million dollars, versus an out of pocket retainer of an average of $5000-$7000, with additional fees for court appearances of $10,000.

Two companies available to staff are Starr Wright USA,, 1-800-424-9801 and Federal Employee Defense Services,, 1-866-955-FEDS. Both companies offer similar services and plans with options for coverage in “off-duty” events, which the Bureau of Prisons does not cover you on. You can be reimbursed up to 50% of the yearly cost by Submitting Standard Form 1164 to Human Resources. The promotional material and SF1164 are available on the VIX Union Folder on the facilities intranet.

President, Revokes LMR.


Sept 29, 2017 –

President Trump on Friday disbanded a federal labor-management council that had been created by former President Barack Obama, saying it was a waste of money and time.

In an executive order, Mr. Trump revoked Mr. Obama’s order of Dec. 9, 2009, that had created the “National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations” and related panels.

“The United States Government should spend tax dollars responsibly, efficiently, and in the public interest,” Mr. Trump said in the order.
He said the council and other similar forums “have consumed considerable managerial time and taxpayer resources, but they have not fulfilled their goal of promoting collaboration in the federal workforce.”
“Public expenditures on the council and related forums have produced few benefits to the public, and they should, therefore, be discontinued,” the president said.

His action came hours after Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned in a scandal over wasting taxpayer money on private jet flights.


20 Years Government Service, Dr. Ross Quinn Retires.

Dr. Ross Quinn

September 29, 2017 – The Bureau says farewell to Dr. Ross Quinn, Medical Services, after 20 years of government Services. Enjoy your Retirement, it is well deserved. Your service to the Community at large and Staff will be greatly missed.

AFGE hails 3 recent Victories.


September 22, 2017 – (Repost from

pecial interests’ and their allies in Congress’ attacks on federal employees’ pay, benefits, and rights were relentless the past few weeks, but they couldn’t match the will and activism of AFGE members who bombarded Congress with calls, letters, and visits to their lawmakers. The results? These three major legislative victories that protect the civil service, jobs, and taxpayer dollars.

1. Rights at work

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was about to offer an amendment to the annual defense authorization bill that would have punished federal employees who serve as union representatives by cutting their pensions and bonuses. But thanks to the activism of AFGE members, he didn’t get around to offer it on the Senate floor as his colleagues had overwhelmingly voiced their concerns, which means the measure was unlikely to pass.

Johnson’s amendment is a vicious attack on employees’ right to join together and have their colleagues serve as their representatives to ensure fair treatment in the workplace and adequate resources to do their jobs as well as improve agency operations.


The Senate rejected new attempts to destroy local economies across the country through another round of base realignment and closure (BRAC). The amendment to be offered by Sen. John McCain of Arizona to the defense authorization bill was so controversial it was not even offered, thanks to the activism of AFGE members.

3. Outsourcing federal jobs

AFGE members were also able to stop the House of Representatives from bringing back the so-called A-76 outsourcing process. It is a well-known fact that federal employees are two to three times cheaper than contractors, but that didn’t stop some politicians from trying to outsource federal jobs just so the government appears smaller.

As the full House was considering a fiscal 2018 consolidated omnibus appropriations bill, it adopted an amendment offered by Rep. Matt Cartwright to prohibit the use of the A-76 process.
But the fight is not over

We still have many legislative battles ahead of us, especially ones that would take away our retirement.

To stay in the know about the bills and other ways that AFGE is fighting for government workers, subscribe to AFGE’s text message program. Please text “AFGE” to 225568 from your personal phone (never a government phone) and answer the three questions when prompted.

These are great victories, and you made them possible. Let’s keep this momentum going!