Professional Liability Insurance and You.

October 12, 2017 – Professional Liability Insurance and You, Staff are encouraged to obtain Liability Insurance especially staff that work in critical areas especially in the Special Housing Unit, R&D, and Visiting Room areas. Although the Union represents staff, this representation does not cover Criminal matters. Coverage begins on the day you initiate your policy, they do not cover events that happen prior to purchasing coverage. Consider the cost of liability insurance of $350 – $400 a year with a coverage of two million dollars, versus an out of pocket retainer of an average of $5000-$7000, with additional fees for court appearances of $10,000.

Two companies available to staff are Starr Wright USA,, 1-800-424-9801 and Federal Employee Defense Services,, 1-866-955-FEDS. Both companies offer similar services and plans with options for coverage in “off-duty” events, which the Bureau of Prisons does not cover you on. You can be reimbursed up to 50% of the yearly cost by Submitting Standard Form 1164 to Human Resources. The promotional material and SF1164 are available on the VIX Union Folder on the facilities intranet.

FY 2018 Budget and You.

Editorial –

In March 2017, President Trump released the proposed FY 2018 budget. This proposal shows over 1 Billion dollar cut to the Dept of Justice, Bureau of Prisons budget, what does this mean for you? The Bureau is looking at 5,946 position cut in staffing levels. That’s minus 1,848 correctional officers, and the rest a myriad of Non-Custody positions.

Though just a proposal, Bureau management are already planning cuts. A town hall with E-Board Members and the Regional Director, verified the direction that Management is going. E-Board and Union Stewards were told to do “Less with Less.” Upon completion of the town hall question and answer session, the general feeling of anger, concerns of safety, and the future of the Bureau was discussed at length.

Now is the time to educate, and prepare for things to come. A national effort to re-activate the towers after the Atwater escape, will be a center piece issue when Management is conducting efforts to reduce manning levels.