A Solemn Farewell, but Never Forgotten


John Toby Henry E.O.W. 08/09/2017

The Union, would like to express our heartfelt condolences to John’s family, friends and co-workers. John was a loving father to his sons Trevor and Tevan. As a Cook Supervisor, John ensured the safety and security of both staff and inmates. He was a valued and respected member of both the Food Services and Bureau of Prisons family. His presence will be truly missed.

Special Thanks to Scott Reynolds, GM Supervisor for the donation and construction of the Chit Box, Claudia Villavicencio for the hand painted portrait and the fellow staff members, who were able to attend and donate their service chits.

FCC Victorville, E-Board Meets with Congress for a 4th time in 8 months.

E-board meets with Congress a 4th time in 8 months.

August 10, 2014 – AFGE Meets with Rep. Paul J. Cook, Union representatives meet with various members of Congress for a 4th time in 8 months. Rep. Cook is a Marine Corp Serviceman, of the Rank of Colonel during the Vietnam War, he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. The E-board is campaigning hard for H.R. 613 Lt. Osvaldo Albarati Act 2017, as well as Law Enforcement bills that affect the Bureau of Prisons and the Law Enforcement Community at large.

“Strength in Unity” – J. Kostelnik

Free Training to AFGE Union Members, Chemical Emergency Response

Chief Steward, Gilbert Ruiz. (Green Suit) Supervises Response during a fuel spill.

Secretary-Treasurer, Jesus Amezcua. (White suit/Right) Supervises Decon Procedures

Shop Stewards, Abel Magno (Left) Michael Cuervo (Right) Repair a chemical leak

Buena Park, CA – AFGE 3969 Union Members, Secretary-Treasurer Jesus Amezcua, Chief Steward Gilbert Ruiz, Shop Stewards Abel Magno and Michael Cuervo, attended a four day Emergency Response training program presented by the ICWUC Center for Worker Health and Safety Education at UFCW Local 324. The program was held in Buena Park, CA August 7, 2017 through August 10, 2017.

One of the highlights of the intensive training was a response to a simulated hazardous chemical incident. Dressed in fully encapsulating chemical protective clothing, students cleaned up and contained contaminated soil, plugged and patched leaking containers and pipes, safely repackaged damaged hazardous waste drums and transferred hazardous liquids from leaking to intact barrels. Following the clean-up students decontaminated themselves, their protective suits and equipment.

In addition, program participants studied the health effects of chemical exposures (from a University of Cincinnati toxicologist), selection and use of respiratory protection, and labeling systems for chemical transport and containerization. Students learned procedures for the proper handling and storage of reactive and toxic chemicals and for medical emergencies caused by chemical contamination.

Through special Union grants, more than 25,000 Union members from facilities across the U.S. and Canada, have been trained for free or at reduced cost. In Joint Labor-Management courses, Management personnel from more than 72 major companies including Monsanto, Colgate-Palmolive, Union Carbide, Dow Corning, Lever Brothers, Westinghouse, Martin Marietta and PPG Industries have also been trained.

“It is our belief that training both workers and their supervisors in chemical emergency response benefits workers, the company and the community in which theplant is located,” said Frank Cyphers, President of the International Chemical Workers Union. “A Well-trained work force, capable of fast, effective response is not only critical in an emergency, but will also help prevent chemical accidents from occurring.” President Franch Cyphers is the Center’s Executive Director.

“With stronger ties to other Unions, AFGE Local 3969, has obtained free training for Union Members, we are in the planning phase to provide free training to Union members in the future, that will benefit our Station.” – Secretary-Treasurer, Jesus Amezcua

“No other previous E-Board, has planned for extra-curriculum outside Union subjects that would benefit it’s members in promotional opportunities.” – Chief Steward, Gilbert Ruiz.

“Aut Sudor, Aut Sanguis; Translation: the more you bleed in practice the less you bleed in battle.” – Shop Steward, Michael Cuervo.

“Our staff inherently, have prior and superior training and were selected in Supervising details, and volunteered for the Initial sorties.” – Shop Steward, Abel Magno