FCC Victorville, On Notice by OSHA

On July 6, 2017, Union representatives filed an OSHA complaint for the Morning Watch locking of Outer Housing Unit doors. Under 29 CFR Sectiosn 1910.36 (d). Fire exit doors, must be free from obstruction, egress, clearly marked and training provided. Other notable violations were found under the NFPA Life and Safety Codes. On July 28, 2017 FCC Victorville, Safety Dept. received notification of the violations and management is subjected to a time frame for response.

New Uniforms

The New Rollout of Uniforms begin September 1, 2017, All uniformed staff will be required to be in the new uniforms by September 2018. Photos of the External Vest are also posted.

FY 2018 Budget and You.

Editorial –

In March 2017, President Trump released the proposed FY 2018 budget. This proposal shows over 1 Billion dollar cut to the Dept of Justice, Bureau of Prisons budget, what does this mean for you? The Bureau is looking at 5,946 position cut in staffing levels. That’s minus 1,848 correctional officers, and the rest a myriad of Non-Custody positions.

Though just a proposal, Bureau management are already planning cuts. A town hall with E-Board Members and the Regional Director, verified the direction that Management is going. E-Board and Union Stewards were told to do “Less with Less.” Upon completion of the town hall question and answer session, the general feeling of anger, concerns of safety, and the future of the Bureau was discussed at length.

Now is the time to educate, and prepare for things to come. A national effort to re-activate the towers after the Atwater escape, will be a center piece issue when Management is conducting efforts to reduce manning levels.



Never Forgotten: Jose Rivera

July 20, 2017 – Today is a Two-tour, Iraq War Veteran and BOP hero’s Birthday. Jose Rivera was murdered at USP Atwater, California. Please Join the Union in wishing his family, Jose V. Rivera a “Happy Birthday!”

Victorville and Local Congress

Jesus Amezcua, Local 3969, Secretary-Treasurer (Left), Jay Obernolte, 33rd District CA Assemblyman (Center), Jon Zumkher, Local 3969, Vice-President (Right)

Last night July 13, 2017 Victoriville’s own E-Board met with Jay Obernotle, 33rd District Assemblyman, to continue efforts to address Safety issues ongoing in FCC Victorville. Current issues with the FCI #1 and FCI #2, have been heatly debated with Management, in an ongoing OSHA violation. The continued cooperation with local government, will boost relations when issues are forwarded to Regional Bureau Management.

Jay Obernolte, recently toured the FCI #2 with e-board members in June 2017, questions were presented to management by Obernotle on a general basis. The Union also wishes to thank Obernolte for his attendance in Correctional Officer’s week 2017 in Honoring our Fallen Heroes.

Victorville, Dublin, Congress

John Kostelnik, Union President Local 3969 (left), Eric Salwell, 15th District California Congressman(Center) Edward Canales, Union President, Local 3584 (Right)

July 11, 2017 – In a National effort, Unions are coordinating with Congress on Bureau of Prisons, critical issues from the “Thin Blue Line Act” (HR 115), to reactivation of Towers at Medium security and US Penitentiaries. Closer ties with Congress will speed inquiries, in matters of Health, Safety and Security for Bureau staff and the Communities we serve.

New Safety Equipment for SHU, at the USP

Linkable Directional Flood Barriers

In Close Cooperation Labor and Management, obtained New Safety Products for Special Housing Units, in response to Flooding events at the USP Victorville.